How To Create Amazon Stores Using Zonterest

Zonterest provides a set of applications (online as well as offline: Voice / Text-SMS) to create great looking fully responsive, 100% compliant Amazon stores.

It works by default on our shared domain where your stores are created into subfolders, but you can also use your own domain names through redirect, or through our all-in-one process or by adding those to your account (check your membership level as some features are only available to PRO members)

In order to get started you will need an Amazon associates account (Video Tutorial HERE), and then you will need to add your Associates credentials as well as authorize your mobile phone (Video Tutorial HERE)

In Zonterest main level, you have the ability to 

A) Create stores that will be hosted on our shared domain (

Based on your account, you can create from 1 to any number of such stores.

You can use the online dashboard, the SMS/Text and Voice builders to create such stores.

You can later on setup a "redirect URL" for any of your domain (for example you would like to point to this store for branding purpose (it will appear as instead of subfolder)

B) Create stores that will be hosted on your own domain

You then have 2 options (PRO Members) - Regular members only have access to the first option

B-1/ You can use our "all-in-one" process that will register your domain name and create your store on this domain on one go.

(our engine will suggest available domain names based on your keyword, and if you wish you can enter a specific domain name and we will register it for your store, provided the domain name is available). 

When you complete your mobile phone authorization process, you will be given a specific mobile phone to call or text when you want to use this process.

B-2/ You can "import" your custom domain into Zonterest and then assign this domain during the Zonterest process

Warning: B-2/ is not compatible with the SMS and Voice processes and you will need to use the dashboard if you want to use this PRO feature

All your stores are initially created with 10-12 items. We then add 1 new product a day during 3 months (if we can find unique products for your keyword)