Scheduling Content and Adding more products

With Zonterest Pro, you may also schedule new products to be added onto your stores according to a schedule you will decide.

You can update one store or many stores at once and basically automate all your posts for months.

Keep in mind, that by default your stores are created with 10 to 15 products matching your main keyword and that a content scheduling project is automatically created for you (at time of store creation) that will add 1 product every day during 3 months (provided we can find matching and unique products). When no new products are found, none is added to avoid duplicate.

To extend this initial content scheduling, you can use this feature to add products related to different keywords for example.

This feature is not to be confused with the Dynamic Search feature your store is configured with, allowing your visitors to dynamically generate stores on the fly for any keyword they want (using the search feature, and all carrying your Amazon credentials). So your store can act as an entry point and is not limited to your initial main keyword.

With that said, to start scheduling content, please watch the video below: