Importing Your Own Domains

Amazon PRO members can import domains they already own in order to attach them to stores they will create using the online dashboard (as of November 2017, you can't use the SMS and VOICE processes in conjonction with imported domains).

To see how it works, please follow this video:

If you need help updating your DNS, please refer to the knowledge base of your Registrar.

For your convenience here is the link on how to do it if you have a Namecheap or a Godaddy account:



When you  import a domain, we create specific hosting instance for it on our Amazon servers. It costs 30 credits per year to use this feature per domain.

IMPORTANT: new members get 90 credits added to their account when they join. Which allows you to have 3 custom domains free of any charge.

When you want to add more than 3 domains to your account, the 30 credits yearly charge will apply. You will be prompted to buy credits (1 credit is around $1)

If you have large batch of domains to import, please let us know and we will find a custom plan for you.